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Sup? I'm Noche, dumbass Arcinian and lover of all things retrofuturistic (and/or hopelessly edgy). This is my hell zone website for you to look at and maybe enjoy. Or maybe not, I dunno, I'm not you. I plan to maybe dump my OCs here in the future, but for now, this is just a place to work on my HTML skills and maybe figure out how the hell CSS works without the safety net of me already having access to Bootstrap by default (thanks Toyhouse).

SITE LOOKS HORRIBLE ON MOBILE, I apologize. My attempts to work with HTML are still kind of resulting in a confusing web of spaghetti code and there are some things I'm trying to do where even I don't understand why they're not working, so I just fudge it until it looks right, but alas it basically only "looks right" on a 1080p monitor like mine because of the horrendous way I'm doing this stuff.

Site is (pretty obviously) a work-in-progress, and probably always will be.

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An archive of a very old, very cringe "diary comic" I updated sporadically over my teenage years, formerly hosted on SmackJeeves.

A series of reviews of official Pokemon designs, talking about what I like about them as well as what I don't. Yes, every single one.


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Here's some sites I'm active on: Tumblr, Toyhouse, Flight Rising, Moderneopets


The backgrounds for this page and a few others are from DemonCrawl.

AUGH banner by 4mporas on tumblr.

The wizard in the corner (click him, by the way, if you haven't already) is from Terraria.