A little project I started back in my teens and keep going back to poke at some more every couple years, this is a massive, ridiculous series of reviews of Pokemon designs from a subjective perspective, chatting about what I like about them and what I don't. Yes, every single one. Enjoy the dumb.

Before we start, a little key of what the Pokeball icons next to some of these reviews mean:

- Love Ball indicates a 5/5 rating

- Master Ball indicates a "gold ball" rating

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thanks to Bogleech for inspiring me to do this
images of Pokemon/Pokeballs used here are all either from PokemonDB or Bulbapedia
Bulbapedia Sugimori art is hosted natively and shrunken by 50% to save hosting space, as Bulbapedia has a tendency to change URLs and break embeds
Most game sprites (including the ones on the navigation buttons at the bottom of each page) are animated PNGs, but some older browsers don't support these; if they aren't animating, try updating your browser

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