Thousands of years have passed since the red waters of the flood receded and revealed a blue-noise holofake world in its wake. Humanity and the Strangefolk alike both enjoyed this period of technological advancement, for a while. VHZ, it was called. But then, something went wrong. The techno-bubble popped. The Strangefolk grew restless, violent. And humanity was torn down and crushed into the white, white earth. Now, dead cities stretch across the horizon and few humans remain, roaming the earth or gathering together in small settlements. But the Strangefolk...the Strangefolk, they flourish.

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Disposition: Phlegmatic
Class: Radial
Vision Type: Far
Language Family: Inert

Nudromi is a pretty small strangefolk who hovers a bit off the ground at all times. They don't move around from their place of generation very often, hanging out along the side of a pathway in a park. Their big, puffy sweater and scarf conceals a lot of their body most of the time, but according to those who've seen their scarf slip every now and then, the inside of their mouth (and, presumably, the rest of them) is a silvery, metallic grey.

Nudromi hangs around in groups, and in their home park they're accompanied by quite a few friends. They're generally pretty okay with people, if they even really notice them at all. They don't really have much of an effect on their environment, with one exception; other Strangefolk seem to be somewhat energized by their presence. Perhaps related to this "energizing" property, all the nudromi in the group have a varying degree of electric charge, releasible from anywhere, but most often from the spikes on their headphones or the very tip of their scarf. This'll be discharged a bit on physical contact, and depending on the age and size of the nudromi the strength of this shock varies from "mild static shock" to "immediate cardiac arrest".

Nudromi permanently lose electric charge as they discharge it, as well as passively over time, like a battery. When a nudromi loses all of their electricity, they die, and as a result, their little group has been slowly, slowly shrinking over time.

Disposition: Melancholic
Class: Manual
Vision Type: Near
Language Family: Strangefolk-Imitative

Maladrone is most easily defined by her color, red through-and-through except for her stark white eyes, innards, and the tips of her feathered sleeves and pants. She speaks with only a quiet, hushed whisper, her voice not quite her own, but rather, an imitation of other strangefolk she's met. (Her Shiuuderi impression is particularly good.) Most notably, if she sustains a cut, she bleeds profusely and intensely until the wound heals over.

Maladrone can usually be found wandering quietly around the old hotels, leaving streaks of red wherever her hands touch the walls. Shy and nervous, she typically shows only a bit of curiosity towards people, maybe reacting with a half-hearted slap or two if she's bothered enough. In only one case, when one person holds down another, does she become what one could describe as aggressive- ripping off the hand-skin of the aggressor...sometimes even slipping it back on inside-out.

Strixidroni is her brother, and she doesn't really mind him, but is a bit unsettled by his presence.